It begins in Malathiros and ends in Mouri, a length of 2 km. It is an area of enchanting natural beauty and has a natural tunnel in the middle which crosses the River Anilios and has a stone bridge in the beginning.


It begins in Katsomatado and ends in Topolia and is 4 km long. It is a grand and wild canyon, rich in flora with many caves, the largest one being that of Aghia Sophia. The Saint’s church is built in the rock. The canyon can be crossed on foot or by car, though the latter only from above.


It begins in Roka with a length of 1 km. Its entrance is in the north near the old country house of Sp. Maris and is rich in flora and fauna. It can be crossed on foot.

Gorge view


It begins from Deliana-Mesavlia and continues on to Roca and Aghia Paraskevi, where the largest festival in the area is held on 26th July at the church of Aghia Paraskevi right tin the centre of the canyon.



  • Sassalos Katsomatados – Mouri – Voulgaro – Malathiros (15 km) – Hiking – Katsomatados Canyon

  • Sassalos – Katsomatados – Topolia (8 km) – Hiking route. Katsomatados- Topolia 4 km, hiking time: 1:15’

  • Sassalos – Milones – Aligi


Throughout the summer, our guests can go to various festivals, at which they become witnesses to the local culture and tradition. An apt example is the festival of the Virgin Mary, held on 15th August, which is a meeting point for both tourists and locals.


There are many beautiful beaches with endless sand and crystal clear waters. Which make your stay unforgettable. You can enjoy your day out swimming in any of Kisamos’ beaches such as: Mavros Molos, Telonio and Gipedo, Paleochora, Falasarna, Elafonisi, Balo, Sfinari and Nopigia.